Siv Jensen: Sneak Islamisation not to shake hands with the Crown Prince

BÆRUM.The image of Zeliha Acar refusing to handshake to the crown prince.......Photo : Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

FRP leader Siv Jensen believes it is sneak Islamisation when Norwegians refuse to greet people of the opposite sex.

The FRP leader highlights the episode nearly two weeks ago, when women in the terror hit Al-Noor mosque in Bærum did not shake the hand of Crown Prince Haakon who proffered it to greet them. Last week, the same thing happened when leader of the Storting’s Foreign Affairs Committee , Anniken Huitfeldt (AP), proffered her hand to greet Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

That a representative of an Islamist theocracy will behave like this is one thing. The problem is bigger when Norwegians refuse to properly shake hands with the opposite sex, Jensen writes in a chronicle titled “This is sneak Islamisation” in VG on Monday.

In Norway, men and women greet each other, period. Trying to create acceptance so as not to greet women in Norway, is not to show understanding but it is gender equality in reverse. This is the essence when I talk about sneak Islamisation. That we are indirectly or directly adapting to unwanted manners and religious special requirements in the name of ‘understanding’ , she writes.

The fact that she resumed the concept and vocabulary from 2009 has nothing to do with there being one week left until the election, and that Frp is haemoraging in the polls, states the Progress Party leader to VG: – This is not a stunt. There is a serious social debate going on, where Frp and I have clear answers.

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1 Comment on "Siv Jensen: Sneak Islamisation not to shake hands with the Crown Prince"

  1. Johnny Leif | 3. September 2019 at 08:39 |

    Islam has many smart ways to invade the western civilization. This is one of them. Create debate and divide people that are either with or against them. The ultimate goal to create awareness for their existance in the Norwegian society and ultimately more followers/supporters. Most people fail to see this while they are trying to be ”acceptable” of diversity. Unfortunately this is a political scheme of a radical religion in a country that has abandoned church for the most part. Islam should be denied in the north. The beliefs and ideas of Islam have no place in the liberal way of life of the nordic countries. Deny them as they deny you. If they do not like how things are done here noone is forcing them to stay.

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