St. Olav Festival 2016

St. Olav Festival 2016Photo:St. Olav Festival 2016

Olav Haraldsson died in the battle at Stiklestad in 1030 when he tried to Christianize Norway.

The body was taken to Trondheim and buried by the river Nidelven. A church was built where Olav was taken ashore – Olavskirken. Later people experienced miracles at Olav’s grave. He was worshipped as a saint, and through centuries pilgrims from all over Europe came to the services in Nidaros Cathedral.

St. Olav Festival carries on the tradition which in the modern times started in 1962 when St. Olav Festival was established. During the festival there is an extensive programme in Nidaros Cathedral, and pilgrims from far and near choose to visit one of the few pilgrim goals in Northern Europe.

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Source: / Norway Today