St. Olav’s Ways

St. Olav’s WaysSt. Olav’s Ways.Photo:

In Norway there are several pilgrim paths leading to the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, the longest and most known is the Gudbrandsdalen path as it was the main road during the Middle Ages, going 643 km from Oslo to Trondheim.

The historic trails have been used by pilgrims and other travellers since the year 1032.

The Norwegian king Olav II was born in 995 in a time the country had several small kings and earls. When Olav was 12 years old he became a viking at sea, during his stay in Normandy he learned about christianity and he was baptised in 1014. He came back to Norway with the vision and the call to unite his kingdom to become one Christian country under a new Christian legislation. READ MORE about St. Olav’s Ways


Source: Norway Today