Stavanger and Sandnes this summer

Stavanger Consert HallStavanger Consert Hall. Photo: Marie Kvindesland

Summer in the city? This happens in Stavanger and Sandnes this summer

Although this article is mainly aimed at ’Siddis’ and other residents in the Stavanger area, it might appeal to a broader audience.


Summer vacation in Stavanger offers a lot more than chilling on the sofa with Netflix on the tablet.

Friends and colleagues publish (annoyingly) nice photos of white beaches and blue skies with umbrella drinks in their tan hands, while you stay home this summer. Anyone who recognize the setting?

Do not despair. Whether you are working, have a summer holiday in your own town or are passing through – there will be a lot of fun in Stavanger and Sandnes this summer! We have tried to collect everything in one place.

And if it’s the beach you are seeking, you can always go to beautiful Jæren to publish a windy image of yourself with a soft drink in your pale, dry hands – more “no filter” than that you can’t possibly achieve.

The overview applies from now to the end of August. And we have certainly forgotten a few things. Please share more cool happenings with us in the commentary field!

Summer in the park

Every day throughout July, a bunch of handsome youngsters from Metropolis appear at the pavilion in the Breiavannet park in Stavanger, selling waffles & coffee and lending out toys to anyone who needs a little breather.

There will be concerts, creative workshops, dancing, reading lessons, face painting and much more fun for young and old. And best of all? It’s completely for free!

The program changes from week to week, so follow what Metropolis shares on Facebook.

Opening hours are as follows: Monday to Saturday: 11.00 to 16.00. Thursdays: 11.00 to 19.00. Sundays: 13:00 to 16:00.

Flea market on Nytorget

Why not make a visit to Nytorget this weekend? Every Saturday until the end of September, the flea market is at Nytorget in Stavanger city center, from 10 am to 3 pm. Here you can make many good bargains!

You can participate both as a seller and buyer. If you want to set your own table, it is the first come first served principle that applies .It costs NOK 40 for adult merchants and is free for children.

Saturday Street Art Tour

Every Saturday in July you can go to one of Nuart’s street art walks around the city, where a guide shows you what Stavanger has to offer in terms of street art.

The tour starts from Strandkaien (the harbour) at 1 pm and lasts for about 90 minutes.

Gladmat festival ++

GladMat in Stavanger

GladMat in Stavanger, Photo: GladMat

No summer in Stavanger without a Happy Food Festival! During four days (Wednesday 19th until Saturday 22nd July), approximately 250,000 hungry people will visit the harbour area at the heart of the city centre.

This will be the 19th anniversary of the festival. There will be a lot of food – local and international – cooking shows, concerts and much, much more.

In addition to the “normal” Gladmat Festival in Vågen, this year just like last year, there will be a separate happy food party in the Colour Street, with dancing in the streets, food serving, good beer and a fantastic atmosphere – every day.

Hall Toll also manages its own small street food market, with street food from Asia and Europe – well worth a trip.

Edible town party

For the fifth consecutive year, “Tiny Gladmat” is to be arranged in the eastern part of Stavanger – from Wednesday 19th to Saturday, July 22th, from 12-23-ish.

But – Edible Byfest is not that small anymore. This year, the festival area will be twice as big as last year (it will extend all the way to Badedammen), and when there in 2013 there were three dining places and one brewery involved, this year there are more than 20 different actors participating.

In addition to food and drink, there is a lot of music, different courses, morning yoga and open factories. It is expected that approximately 30,000 people will visit Stavanger East over these four days.


Stavanger has Gladmat, Sandnes has Blink! True to tradition the world’s largest summer skiing festival will be arranged in Sandnes, with hundreds of athletes in action. This will be the 12th anniversary of the festival and the festivities will last four days from the 26th to 29th of July.

If you are thinking of attending this year’s Blink, you may risk meeting Petter Northug, Øystein “The Sausage” Pettersen, Johannes Thingnes Bø, Marit Bjørgen, Heidi Weng, Ole Einar Bjørndalen, Emil Svendsen, Therese Johaug, Tarjei Bø, Synnøve Solemdal, Martin Johnsrud Sundby, Tiril Eckhoff, Martin Fourcade, the German biathlon team and many more.

In addition to skiing and fun, there will be free concerts featuring Postgirobygget, Åge & Sambandet and deLillos!


Saturday the 5th of August the free festival Munkehagen (Monk’s garden) is held for the seventh time at Eiganes in Stavanger.

The festival is organized by the brothers Sjur and Sturle Dagsland, and Carl Tomas Nising. They call the festival for “the world’s most free festival”.

Why? Everything is for free. The food is free, the artists perform for free, the ice cream is free – EVERYTHING IS FOR FREE!

There will be concerts, art, swapping, clowns, Nintendo 64, badminton, yoga, comics, dancing and portable toilets.

Mentor festival

Just this event is for you as a student, but as long as you live in Stavanger, you are sure to notice that something extra is happening with the nightlife this week. It’s just to go out on the town!

From Monday 14th to Saturday, 19th of August, thousands of students will color both the campus and the city red!

There will be lots of concerts, parties, talk activities and other jumps! The entire program can be found here.

Langøy festival

We are going to stick to festivals when we first have started! Saturday 19th and sunday 20th August, the yoga festival for young and old is on idyllic Langøy – just three ferry stops away from Stavanger city center.

We’re talking about yoga, pilates, henna tattooing, massages, various workshops, paddling, zipline, slack line, (hopefully) sun, sea, swimming, activities and food.

The festival aims to avoid all forms of pollution and overuse.

– Bring your own plates, cutlery, glasses, cups (not disposables), do your own dishes and use over and over and over again, the organizers write.

Theater summer

Indianeren Rogaland Teater

Indianeren. Photo: Rogaland Teater

It can not be hidden behind the curtain (of rain) that summer weather in Stavanger and Sandnes can be quite … fickle.

On gray and dreary days, nothing is therefore better than a cultural trip to the theater.

This summer you can choose from the following performances at the Rogaland Theater:

  • The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams (now – August 23).
  • The Red Indian (now – August 23).
  • Deer Foot and Kristiansen (now – December 31).

Free summer cinema for children

Oh Yes! KinoKino in Sandnes provide free summer cinema for children through the whole summer – perfect for the not so sunny days!

Stavanger Consert hall

The concert hall has set up its own summer program, with opera café, student concerts and children’s day on the roster.

Wednesday is children’s day, Thursday and Friday students from UiS are playing, Saturdays, it is Opera Café and Sundays are devoted to organ concerts.

Psst! Also in Sandnes Kulturhus there will be an opera café on Saturday, 19 August.


Even though summer is a bit deserted when it comes to concerts as such, it’s still quite a few to choose between in the next few months! Such as:

  • July 11: Kåte Klør (Hanekam)
  • July 12: Madstheanimal (Hanekam)
  • July 13: Soft punch (Hanekam)
  • August 6: Ziggy Alberts, AUS (Tou Scene)
  • August 11: Four Bitches in a Burlesque Bar, performances by Queen B ( Jean Brigitte), The Delicious (Jan Rune Holdhus), The Fabulous (Mio Amore) and Everyone’s crush (Tino Amore), (Open Bar)
  • August 12: Colter Wall, CAN (Folken)
  • August 17: Oranssi Pazuzu, FI (Folken)
  • August 17: The Sugarhill Gang, US (Tou Scene)
  • August 18: Darius (FR) + WNDR (Tou Scene)
  • August 19: Powerslaves, Iron Maiden tribute-band (Tribute, Sandnes)
  • August 26: Kollapse / Oemskrik / Agenda (Checkpoint)
  • August 30: Indie vår hage; Karl Blau, US (Folken)

Psst! Do not forget Utopia the first weekend in September!


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