STUDY: Music Paralysis Strikes @ Age 28

Listening to musicOslo.Listening to music. Photo: Thomas Brun / NTB scanpix NB! MODELLKLARERT

A survey conducted by the streaming audio service Deezer finds that the average person suffers from “music paralysis” just shy of age 28, with paralysis defined as when an individual stops seeking out new types of music genres; instead listening only to familiar music.


The study also reveals that musical discovery, actively searching for new music, apparently peaks nearly three years earlier than the onset of music paralysis; with those at age 25 listening to an average of at least 10 new songs per week.

The Deezer online-study surveyed 5,000 adults from Brazil, the U.K., France, the U.S. and Germany.

There are interesting results to the study. Brazilians seemingly reach their musical paralysis at the earliest age: 23. Germans remain the most curious about music and continue to explore until reaching age 31.

Many of the survey participants said they wished they could find time to discover more new music, but the pressure of work was the most common reason for failing at new music discovery, with devoting time to children & being simply overwhelmed by huge musical choices given as other main causes.

Deezer presented the results of the survey in connection with the promotion of Flow, a music service that mixes listeners favorites with new music, based upon previous listening patterns.


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