Superstar David Yarrow arrives in Norway

David YarrowSuperstar arrives in Norway.Photo: David Yarrow

Superstar photographer David Yarrow arrives in Norway

The internationally renowned artist David Yarrow will have an exhibition in Norway, for the first time.


And his largest to date, from 21.09-15.10, you can experience Yarrow’s masterpiece in the exhibition “The Untouchables” in the Fine Arts gallery at Tjuvholmen in Oslo.

Yarrow has achieved tremendous attention for his travels around the world, taking pictures of wild animals and indigenous peoples.

But do not call him a wildlife photographer, because he is one of the world’s foremost photographers.

David Yarrow, born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1966, started photographing as a teenager.

Since then, he has developed into a professional photographer, financier, nature conservationist and author. Yarrow travels around the globe to some of the planet’s most isolated places and takes unique pictures of wildlife, indigenous peoples, landscapes and secluded communities.

World renowned photographer

He was no more than twenty years old when he received the award for “Young Scottish Photographer of the Year” and received his first major assignment for The London Times to cover the World Cup final in Mexico City. The result was the famous image of Diego Maradona who holds the victory cup.

David Yarrow’s pictures often show wild animals, but he is not interested in producing his subjects as fearless and raw. It is also a sense of closeness, intimacy and something almost human he brings forth in his encounter with grizzly bears, lions, elephants and polar bears.

In his images of indigenous peoples and secluded communities, he is keen to show human dignity and pride, instead of showing another stereotypical image of the third world.

Yarrow’s primary intention is to get close to what he’s photographing, whether it’s humans or animals. He quotes one of his favorite photographers, Robert Capa: “If your pictures are not good enough, you’re not close enough.”

This means that Yarrow is often dangerously near what he is photographing. Its not rare that he gets the camera knocked out of his hands by a polar bear, or has wild animals walk over his hideaways.

More than 70 of his pictures are to be on display in the fine arts gallery at Tjuvholmen from 21/9 – 15/10.


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