Surprised girlfriend with Hilde Selvikvaag in the garden

Hilde SelvikvaagPhoto: Hilde Selvikvaag

Mini concert in the garden by Hilde Selvikvaag

– Some requests is not possible to say no to, said Hilde Selvikvaag, who saturday held a mini concert in the garden of Multiple Sclerosis affected Mary Ann Berg Landro.

The time is 12 o’clock and Elisabeth Aarekol Johannessen smiles broadly. She stands in front of a house at Sivdamsenteret at Bryne. Behind her there are cars driving on Arne Garborg road, but there is no traffic noises heard from the green and sunny garden. It is a surprise.


Every year, Elisabeth and eight of her sorority sisters from the time in in college at Stord arrange a weekend of reminicence and cosiness.

One of her friends, Mary Ann Berg Landro, was diagnosed with MS already a year before she graduated in 1994.

Since the disease imposes constraints on her, the girlfriends have decided to meet at Jæren.

Last year, Hilde Selvikvaag perhaps most famous melody, the carousel, was chosen as the girlfriends common song. After meeting the artist at a conference for newly educated teachers, Elisabeth took courage.

– I asked her if she would like to please our girlfriend with a mini-intimate concert. She answered yes straight away.


Mary Ann Berg Landro was the schools own Janis Joplin.

– She was a real wild-one during her studies. She loved the scene. She loved music, says Elisabeth.


The contrast from the fireworks Mary Ann once was beforel the disease struck is immense. Her face, however, radiates like a sun when she rolls into her garden for a few minutes past 12.

In order that the surprise should not be revealed she had, while Selvikvåg tested instrument and speakers, had a little roll with some of her classmates.

– This is absolutely amazing, said Mary Ann after receiving a good hug from the artist.


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