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Tall Ships Races 2018, Sail-off

Tall Ships Races 2018 indiaTall Ships Races 2018, Stavanger. Last day. Waving goodbye. photo: Pieter Wijnen / Norway Today Media


Tall Ships Races in Stavanger 2018, Sail-off

After four mostly perfect days in Vaagen, Stavanger, the Tall Ships Races continues onwards to Harlingen in the Netherlands. 


The only real drawback was the sudden burst of wind, rain and thunder that spoiled for the hard-rock fans on Saturday evening. The concert that was to be held by the local hard-rock band Kvelertak (Stranglehold) had to be cancelled for safety reasons. A meagre consolation was the spectacular fireworks that were sparked of at 11 pm and lasted for nearly a half hour.

Today, Sunday, it was time to wave farewell.

© Pieter Wijnen / #Norway Today