The church meets climate requirement criticism from its own

Photo: Randesund church.

The Norwegian Church recently released a climate statement that said “Now it burns!” But they received criticism from their own for not doing enough for the climate.

Rolf Magne Haukalid from Stavanger diocese was at the church meeting that adopted the statement, but it happened without his voice’’ wrote Vårt Land newspaper.

‘’Voting for the Church meeting’s statement was difficult when it pointed to locally elected representatives, the Storting and the government, while we should do much more ourselves’’ he said. He pointed out solar cell panels as one possible measure.

‘’It is a good solution financially, but it is also good for the environment’’ said Haukalid and pointed out that church roofs are often well suited.

‘’In the past it was a requirement that the altar should face east. Therefore, the church roofs are facing south.’’

Principal Vidar L. Haanes at MF Scientific College also warned against distance between life and knowledge and proposed cuts in flights.

‘’Set concrete goals. If you don’t figure it out, all the flights will be justified as important enough’’ said Haanes.

Secretary General, Berit Hagen Aegøy, of the Intercultural Council, is responsible for climate measures in the Church and would like more churches to choose to become green.

So far, a third have gone this way. Ågøy believes many more will meet the requirements, but says the parish councils must make a decision to be green.

‘’Then you get the awareness of what you already do, and at the same time you have to stretch your mind to become even more environmentally friendly.’’

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today