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The Coast Guard rescued a whale outside Tromso

Stuck whaleCoastguard helpes stucked whale


The crew of The KV Heimdal freed Saturday a humpback whale that had become stuck in a rope in Kaldfjord west of Tromso.
People who discovered the whale and alerted the police, who in turn notified the Coast Guard. Around 14 o’clock the vessel KV Heimdal was on site.
– The whale had been tangled in a rope that was attached to a fishing gear. It lay in the surface and had difficulty moving, says Commanding Officer Njaal Havard Rokenes in a statement.
The Coast Guard crew worked systematically to cut off and remove the ropes which the whale was caught in.
– We cut in several places and left it to him. The whale seemed relatively tired,  he has been dragged around with this fishing equipment for a while, says the captain to the local newspaper Nordlys.
Eventually, the crew freed the whale completely, and it immediately set up the move.- He swam happily enough of the place, says Rokenes
Source: NTB, Flickr/ Norway Today


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