The financial support for the church will still determine what other religious communities receive

Kjell Ingolf RopstadMinister of Children and Families Kjell Ingolf Ropstad (Christian Democratic Party).Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB Scanpix

The new faith support will be distributed equally regardless of religious communities, but it will also be based on the membership of the church in the future.

The current support system for faith and belief communities is being continued in the new joint legislation for all religious communities in Norway as presented on Friday. This means that the size of the religious community support rate is based on how much the Norwegian Church receives, writes Vårt Land.

The Government wants to keep the system where the sum The Norwegian Church gets – divided by each member – as the rate also other religious communities receive per member. But today religious communities receive support from both the state and the municipality – the government proposes a state subsidy only scheme.

The most important thing is to create predictability and security for the Norwegian Church and other religious communities, says Children’s and Family minister Kjell Ingolf Ropstad (KrF) to Vårt Land.

Work on the new law has been going on since September 2017, when the proposal for a new comprehensive law was sent out for consultation.

The new legislation will be presented by the Cabinet on Friday, and replaces the current three legislation: the Church Act, the Religious Community Act and the Philosophy of Faith community law.

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