The Gjellestad ship will be excavated

GjellestadskipetHalden.Kjølen of the Gjellestadship in Østfold has been excavated by archaeologists.Photo: Fredrik Norland Østfold Fylkeskommune / NTB scanpix

For the first time in more than 100 years, a Viking ship will be excavated in Norway. The Government grants NOK 15.6 million for the excavation of the Gjellestadship in Halden.

It is in the revised national budget that the government grants NOK 15.6 million for the archaeological excavation of the Viking burial site. The excavation will start in June.

“There are very few preserved Viking ships in the world, and all new knowledge about these contributes to an expanded understanding of the society in the Viking era,” says Håkon Glørstad, director of the Cultural History Museum, in a press release.

The excavation last year shows that the ship’s grave is very prone to degradation, so it has been important to get started with the excavation before it is too late. The actual excavation is estimated to take five months.

The ship is buried on a plot of land in Gjellestad in Halden municipality, where it was found in 2018. The Gjellestad ship is about the same size as the Gokstad ship and the Oseberg ship.

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