This Norwegian man built himself a Lamborghini out of scrap wood and Ikea materials

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Steinar Thyholdt traveled around the world visiting mechanics, second-hand shops, and stores like Ikea to find the materials he needed to build his very own Lamborghini. After seven years and over 5000 working hours, his homemade luxury vehicle is done!

Steinar Thyholdt loved the Lamborghini brand ever since he was a little boy. He has finally lived out his childhood dreams by building his own copy of an Aventador – and dubbing it Stethy.

The car’s maiden voyage was to the Hellsenteret shopping center in Stjørdal. When he entered the driver’s seat of his handmade dream car, Thyholdt’s nerves were in high gear.

“It was almost like I fainted when I got in the car,” the 57-year-old told NRK.

And it’s easy to understand why. For the past seven years, Thyholdt spent time traveling the world – but mostly working in the garage of his home, located near Trondheim. There, he built a sleek sports car that enthusiasts will quickly recognize as a Lamborghini Aventador.

Parts sourced everywhere from Mexico to the local Ikea

The bodywork was a big challenge. Thyholdt traveled to Bulgaria, Thailand and the USA on a road trip before he finally ended up in Mexico.

“There, I found a real enthusiast. And even though we struggled with the difference in language, we found a mutual tone and he made a great body for me,” said Thyholdt.

It takes a lot of creativity when searching for parts of a DIY luxury sports car.

The 57-year-old, among other things, picked up a window lift from a Volvo V70, a gearbox from an Audi A8, and trim strips from a Volkswagen.

He even hit up Ikea.

“The exhaust system was a challenge and the pipe parts had to be covered, among other things. To achieve this, I bought one sink from Ikea and another from a second-hand shop in Stjørdal. I screwed these together and mounted them over all the pipes,” Thyholdt explained to NRK.

It all started with a wooden frame

The dream of owning a Lamborghini came to Thyholdt after he watched The Canonball Run, which hit theaters in the early 1980s. 

“Every time I look at the car, I think the car chase with Countache in the beginning. A fantastic car. It just had to be like that,” said Thyholdt.

The work process was both long anddifficult. He first made the car frame from wood before welding it together in steel. He also imported a BMW 750, which has twelve cylinders like the Aventador, from Germany for parts.

Thyholdt did use some original Lamborghini materials. Both the headlights and the windscreen are from the original Italian car manufacturer. These are also among the most expensive parts he has used.

Strict regulations for DIY cars

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration regularly visited the car builder who had to follow the strict rules that apply to people who build their own vehicle.

Thyholdt admitted that during the seven years of work, there were some small setbacks, but that with the help of a special chair in the living room he has gotten out of them. There, he sits down with some food and coffee to relax. 

The car builder also brags a lot about his wife Linda who has supported him in thick and thin throughout the process and been incredibly patient.

Chairman of Lamborghini Club Norge impressed

“I am very impressed with the job he has done. The Lamborghini is an advanced super sports car so this is no easy task.”

This how Harald Skjøldt, who himself owns several Lamborghinis and is chairman of Lamborghini Klubb Norge, reacted to NRK.

Although Thyholdt’s is a copy, Skjøldt has great respect for the work effort that has been put in and for the car builder’s fascination with Lamborghini.

Skjøldt also understands well that the Cannonball films contributed to Skjøldt choosing this car brand.

“The Lamborghini was on the opening stage there. And for all boys up to a certain age at that time, this was the dream car. Not least because of the legendary scissor doors that go up in the air,” Skjøldt said.

NRK asked Skjøldt whether Thyholdt can drive with in the Lamborghini Club with a copy – or if he has to own an original.

“Of course, he is more than welcome to do so. I think he is great and of course we really like that he chose to make a Lamborghini,” said Skjøldt.

The master builder hopes to inspire others

An Italian sports car of this type usually costs many millions. But it has not been as expensive for Thyholdt. His self-built copy cost just over a million kroner.

Now, the master builder is finished with construction work. But he is still facing some challenges.

“The car is very low and does not like speedbumps. I have used the speedbump in the neighborhood as a template for what I will be able to get over. If they are bigger than it, there will be problems,” said Thyholdt. Nonetheless, he is very excited to drive and show off his dream car.

He already has an agreement to exhibit it at one event in Stjørdal and one in Denmark.

“I am proud of the job I have done and hope I can inspire others to build their own car,” Thyholdt told NRK.

Source: NRK / #NorwayTodayTravel

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