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This year’s Oscar card list includes “Utøya July 22”, “Blindsone”, and “Hva vil folk si”

UtøyaUtøya 2016.Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix


The films, ‘’Utøya July 22’’, directed by Erik Poppe, “Blindsone”, directed by Tuva Novotny,and Iram Haq’s film, “Hva vil folk si” could all be the year’s Norwegian Oscar candidates.


One of these three films will be nominated next week to represent Norway in the competition for an Oscar for best non-English language films.

“Utøya July 22” is about the terrorist attack that hit Norway in 2011. The attack is well documented through books, the media and litigation, but the film deals with the panic and confusion that arose and the impossible choices the victims were faced with.The film was premiered in Norway on the 9th of March.

“Blindsone” is about a mother’s struggle to understand her daughter’s crisis when it hits the whole family. The film is a story about the grey zones in mental illness.The film had a Norwegian premiere on August 24th.

In the movie “Hva vil folk si”, we see Norwegian-Pakistani Nisha, who lives a double life. Nisha is 16 years old and balances between a Norwegian youth’s life with friends and boys outside,and a more traditional Pakistani family life at home. The film recently received four Amanda prizes and had a Norwegian premiere on  October the 6th last year.

Which of these films will be the Norwegian Oscar candidate will be notified on Tuesday, September 4th.


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