Thoughts on Morale and Religion

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A few thoughts on Morale and Religion

Countries with a large amount of atheists rank the highest in the honesty index. One might actually be led to believe that morale is not linked to religion at all.


Ranking in the bottom ten (aka most corrupt) seven are Muslim countries, Pakistan stands at 116 among 178 countries and India at 79.

Top positions in the index are occupied by countries with generally high atheist percentage population. Scandinavia and surrounding countries are heading the pack together with New Zealand, Singapore and Switzerland.

In the list of ‘treatment of women‘ Pakistan comes out at #143 among the 144 countries featured in the study, and among the bottom 21 countries, 16 are predominately Muslim. Again the top of the pops are countries with a large number of atheists, but in this particular list the Scandinavian countries are head an tail above the rest; presumably because women before Christianity were responsible for running the homestead while the men were away on business. It for example took a woman to unite Scandinavia into one nation, albeit for a short period of time.

Which leads to the conclusion that “Morals stem from religion” is disproved by facts.

Proof of the pudding is in eating, not in wishful thinking.

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world corruption index. Illustration: Transparency International


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