Tom Cruise thanks the audience at the Pulpit Rock

Tom Cruise Pulpit Rock Mission ImpossibleMovie screening of Mission Impossible 6 at the Pulpit Rock in the Forsand municipality.Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB Scanpix

Tom Cruise thanks the audience at the Pulpit Rock

Hollywood Star Tom Cruise thanks the two thousand persons who climbed up to the Pulpit Rock in Lysefjorden to get a sneak preview of «Mission: Impossible – Fallout».


Cruise published several pictures on different social media on Thursday night about the cinematic séanse which took place on the top of the plateau where he wrote:

«2,000 feet, 2,000 persons, 4 hours trip. The most impossible viewing of #MissionImpossible Fallout. Thank you for coming. I wish I could have been there.»

Together with actor Henry Cavill and director Christopher McQuarrie, Cruise sent a video greeting to the audience before the movie started at 11 pm on Wednesday. They stated that they had experienced the Pulpit Rock as a spectacular place to shoot and that they wish that they were present.

It was along this sheer drop Cruise swung during the shooting of the movie last autumn. The Pulpit Rock is clearly visible for four minutes towards the end of the film, but the story-line places it in the disputed Kashmir region, which is claimed by both India and Pakistan.

Spectacular Movie, Spectacular View

It has previously been written that the Norwegian tourism industry was to fly a number of international media to the spectacular movie event in the hope that this would contribute to added attention around where the scene really was shot.

The English tabloid newspaper Daily Mirror had a separate feature about the movie séanse on Thursday where they discussed whether this is the «the world’s finest outdoor movie theater», according to Stavanger Aftenblad. «Mission: Impossible – Fallout» has, by the way, received brilliant reviews worldwide and sold tickets for USD 61.5 million during the opening weekend in the USA – which is a record for the movie series.


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