Trend researcher thinks simpler food will be the next trend

Oslo, Norway 20150714. Picture of vegitables. Foto: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix
In the wilderness of special products, extreme diets, cooking from scratch and politically correct choices, there are many who are confused and upset about everything with all the different “should”s and “shouldn’t”s.
Trend Researcher Gunn Helen Eye think this will lead to a backlash:
– There are two main trends I believe will affect us in the future: Simple and clocks. Now we are fed up with the complexities of eating, she says to the news agency NTB.
In recent years, cooking from scratch, using fresh, local produce without additives, become very popular. The fat should be healthy and carbohydrates coarse. Bread and cakes are to be made from the scratch  and all the homemade food is to look delicious and taste heavenly.I think we’ve had enough, says Oye and summarizes the two trends in one product; Porridge.
Source: NTB scanpix/ Norway Today