Trondheim bydrift is responsible for damages to the Nidaros Cathedral

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Trondheim bydrift is responsible for damages to the Nidaros Cathedral

Nidaros cathedral restoration works (NDR) are reporting Trondheim city operations (bydrift) to the police for damages to the Nidaros Cathedral that was inflicted by a sweeping vehicle on October 9.


In early October, a sweeping car in Trondheim caused damages to the Cathedral. A sculpture was destroyed, a corner chipped of and several stones in the church were scratched. Nidaros cathedral restoration worker (NDR) Thursday reports that they will report the damage to the police, writes the Adresseavisen.

– It is not the material value that is the most serious here, but that these damage detract from the cultural memory. This part of Nidaros cathedral was restored in the 1880s. The sculpture is from the same period. Both the sculptor and the stone mason who made the sculpture are long dead. If we choose to replace, it will be another replica, says communications manager in NDR, Marianne Vikan.

Trondheim bydrift took on responsibility for the damage two days after it was discovered. The company apologizes for the incident and announces that the driver of the particular sweeper car informed them that he had hit something during his work day.

– We take full responsibility and admit that we should have informed about it earler, but it is due to poor internal communication, says Operations Manager in Trondheim bydrift, Per Øystein Karlsen, which emphasizes that it was an accident.

NDR will deliver the report after the holidays. Trondheim bydrift states that they await police investigation before deciding what to do next.



Irreparable damage after possible vandalism of the Nidaros Cathedral


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