Vandalism on controversial art

GudbrandsdalenA piece of art that currently consists of an manure spreader, a stone and a wooden block has raised havoc after it was erected in Kvam center in Gudbrandsdalen. The work is part of the project Vegskille, which includes artistic decoration in five municipalities in Gudbrandsdalen, where the art is meant to help develop the towns along the new E6. The artwork in Kvam is designed by the architect group 'Fellesskapsprosjektet å fortette byen' (FFB).Photo: Paul Kleiven / NTB scanpix

Vandalism on controversial art to be reported to the police

Nord-Fron municipality and artist Joar Nango are going to report the vandalism on the controversial art in Kvam. Simultaneously local forces want to keep the installation.


The unfinished work of art with a price tag of NOK 400,000 has attracted attention far beyond the municipal boundary recently. On Monday, the installation was removed for safety reasons, partly because someone had sewred a strap that secured the supporting structure.

– We have a dialogue with the sheriff in central Gudbrandsdal about who will report the damage, whether it is to be the municipality or the artist. There are so large values involved that we cannot simply ignore it, says the Mayor of the Nord-Fron municipality, Rune Støstad (Labour), to VG.

Very sorry

Artist Joar Nango is disappointed that the installation has not been left unharmed.

– We are very sorry. The straps that helped to secure the structure were cut using a knife, women’s underwear covered in shit were draped over it and there were notes with ugly comments attached. We believe it is the municipality’s task to make a police report, but if they do not take that responsibility, we will do it ourselves, says Nango.

He states that the private sector in Kvam has offered to take over the art project and that they are now considering the offer.

Lots of life

GD writes that several local forces are collaborating on a plan to place the work of art somewhere else in Kvam.

– We see that it is spectacular and many wish to see it. This is something the hamlet needs. This is a bonus to Kvam, says Lars Tungen, who is one of those who wish to preserve the work of art.

He has been in discussions with other companies in the vicinity and also the artists on Tuesday.

– I have an office near the park and looked at the piece of art and that people come here. I have never seen so much life around here. It has attracted attention, he says to the local newspaper.

In dialogue

Nord-Fron’s mayor, Rune Støstad, says he has had dialogue with the group who wants to take over the piece of art.

– We must take this request seriously and discuss this with the other parties. This regards terminating the current cooperation or proceeding with the project. What is outlined, is a prospect for taking this further.


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