Ways out of negative social control

Født Fri born free social control Shabana RehmanBorn Free will have a conference about negative social control. Photo: Født Fri

Ways out of negative social control

Large interest for the “Born Free” Conference on negative social control. At long last, people with different faiths share the same scene. Not to proclaim faith, but to share experiences that have been tough to live with. Through openness and honest debate, we hope to awaken commitment to the struggle for freedom across culture and philosophy barriers.


Fighting for the individual’s freedom and counteracting negative social control is at the core of “Born Free‘s” Social Agenda.

Through living examples, we will show ways out of negative social control.
If we do not move on with the discussion and translate words into action, the stories that are told will not be anything but a reiteration of the state of affairs.

Unique conference

Therefore, Born Free opens their autumn program with a unique conference and a meeting place that aims to show ways out of negative social control and culture. The conference is also meant to inform relatives about how they can help to make this fight easier.

We want to provide experts with additional knowledge and tools to understand social control. At the same time, we want to strengthen the individual’s freedom by offering the stage to them, so that they can be themselves in public.
On Thursday, September 20th, people with different backgrounds and stories will meet to make a stand together.

We believe in compassion and that most people will help each other when we dare to be open about what destroys our lives and opportunities.

What do the different instances in the Norwegian society do about the problem?

There is going to be a debate about who does what to help people who, in different ways, are persecuted and mobbed, or are left out in Norway, solely because they are who they are.


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