Women’s lib in Islam

hijab Islam LiberationHijab. Photo: pixabay.com

Women’s lib in Islam, by guest writer Imtiaz Mahmood

The hijab is clearly no protection from sexual assault anywhere in the Muslim world, but simply a compulsory sign of subordination;


A sign that male Muslims are so threatened by their fantasies of the freedoms of western women that they will not allow their own women the slightest self-determination.

Even in Hajj Muslim woman is inferior. She must be accompanied by one of her owners (father, brother, husband or son).

Haji is a huge confidence trick to help a wealthy, corrupt and barbaric regime subjugate the Muslim world.

It’s long been a daft conceit anyway. Flying to an airport then hopping into a taxi or hopping on to a bus that transports you to a hotel within spitting distance of your final destination is not a “pilgrimage” in any meaningful sense. It’s a holiday. Don’t forget the shopping tour.

The use of Islam as a political tool to keep appalling elites in power is having a dire effect on the religion. While it was never a ‘religion of peace’ as some like to claim, it was a religion that could, in favourable circumstances, allow other ideas, individuals and faiths some room to breathe.

Now it has been hijacked by the Saudi royals, the Ayatollahs of Iran, numerous groups of nutters, and plenty of others, and turned into a weapon of political and social aggression; and is used as an instrument to control and silence women.


© Imtiaz Mahmood / Norway Today