ACN – The Right Fit for Everyone

ACN American College of NorwayThe international collaboration means that the American College of Norway offers highly qualified lecturers from the United States and other countries every year. Photo: Sonor/ACN.

American College of Norway – The Right Fit for Everyone

Did you know there is an American college in Norway? Founded in 1989 by Dr. Steinar Opstad, the American College of Norway (ACN) first opened its doors in 1992 to 24 eager and adventurous Norwegian and American students. Flashforward to 2019, and over 2,000 students from Norway, the United States and beyond have taken courses toward their U.S. bachelor’s degree in Moss, Norway at the American College of Norway.

ACN is part of the American university system and offers curriculum in English taught by American faculty. Norwegian students choose ACN to gain one year of their bachelor’s degree before heading to the United States to complete their degrees. They can continue at one of ACN’s cooperative partners or other universities throughout the U.S.

American and other international students attend ACN to study abroad and experience a different culture and the daily excitement of living in Norway while working toward completing their U.S. bachelor’s degree.

Around the world

Yearly, ACN welcomes students from around the world to its program. In ACN’s living/learning community, students learn not only from their instructors but also each other. This is part of the unique program which helps create the best fit for everyone.

Definitely right for me

Current student, Monique Ostbye from the United States said she decided to start her bachelor’s degree at ACN because she wanted to experience Norway and explore her heritage, for a fraction of the price:

“At ACN, I have participated in an internship and several community service projects, plus I have explored Norway through day trips and travel courses organized by the school. ACN is definitely right for me and I’d highly recommend the program for anyone who wants to experience Norway on a comfortable and welcoming campus.”

If you think ACN might be the right fit for you why not make ACN and Moss your second home. Click here for more information about the program.

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