Pastor removes anti-Islamic prayers from the UIO

University of Oslo anti-IslamicUniversity of Oslo.Photo: Norway Today Media

Pastor busy removing anti-Islamic prayers from the University of Oslo

The student Pastor constantly has to replace the prayer book which is available in the chapel at the University of Oslo, as it is constantly defiled by anti-Islamic utterings.


Student pastor, Inger Anne Naterstad, informs the newspaper Dagen that she has to replace the prayer book repeatedly. Although there are not so many that visit the chapel diligently, it is quite lively on the pages of the prayer book.

According to Naterstad, it occurs that some people use the prayer book to agitate against Islam. It also happens that others responds making the prayer book into a sort of Facebook debate. Others are writing anti-Islamic or texts hostile to Muslims in the prayer book.

Wall-to-wall Prayer rooms

The Muslim prayer room Al-Masalla is situated next door to the chapel.

It happens all the time that someone writes in the prayer book asking to remove the neighbour.

– This is not my attitude towards cooperation, nor is it the opinion of the Norwegian Church. We want to have a good learning environment, and that includes facilitating for various religious beliefs, says the student pastor to the newspaper Dagen.


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