Invest more in education of religious leaders in Islam and Christianity

Psychologists at the boy huntingUniversity of Oslo.Photo Wikimedia.

The Faculty of Theology will develop a new course for religious leaders, with their own focus on Islamic theology.

This became apparent following the Storting’s decision to set aside funds to establish such an education. The Storting decided on December 19 to spend NOK 5 million annually on establishing a “flexible education for religious leaders at the University of Oslo”.

The decision comes as a result of the Integration Settlement from December 2015. The government has incorporated it into its platform, which states that they will “follow up the establishment of an official Norwegian education for religious leaders.” Particularly The Left has  for many years had this as one of their flagships.

The grant will be administered by the Faculty of Theology at the University of Oslo. The reason is that the faculty has for several years been involved in research and education in interreligious studies, with emphasis on Islam and Christianity.

– The faculty has long been interested in establishing a Master’s degree for religious leaders, as well as it’s own study programs in Islamic theology. Now we have got the framework we need to start the work, ” says the Dean, Oddbjørn Leirvik at the faculty.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today