10 telltale signs that you are from Sola

10 telltale signs solaSola Beach. Photo: Norway Today Media

10 telltale signs that you are from Sola

Walking on sun(shine). Sola municipality has so much to offer. Do you feel touched? We continue our dissection of people from the Stavanger area. This time we look at “10 telltale signs that you are born and breed in the Sun”.


#1.    You have caught yourself in saying “Sola is Norways richest municipality!”

… And maybe regret that when the hangover kicks in. But yes, it is a fact; people from Sola are in the money.

#2.    Grannes People are bitter that they couldn’t attend Gosen High School

… But instead had to get out of bed before the birds danced Macarena in order to take the bus all the way to the Sola high school. Oh, the agony.

#3.     You have been the slightly animated on Ormen lange

Time for party, time to consume a low alcohol beer on the Serpent. Oh yes , life can be worse.

#4.     You have been part of the squash boom at the “Squash”

Sometimes an intermediate title writes itself. Suddenly, the whole of Sola played squash and if you did not have a friend who was #4 in Norway, it was because she was ranked as #3.

#5.     You have praised Joa’s strawberries as the best in the whole wide world

And who can argue against this when confronted by nineteen animated “Solabu” in their confirmation suits who tell you where the Strawberry cupboard is to be placed?

Purchase a few handfuls of joy and place your pale and skinny legs in the sand at the Sola beach. Suddenly, life makes sense.

#6.     You have bought greasy ‘burgers at “Snadderbuå” (Goody kiosk)

The small kiosk at Sola city centre, which no one remembers what the current name of is, serves hamburgers so greasy that you might wonder if the cow is still alive.

But it tastes fantastic . Simply “Snadder”. Pun intended.

#7.     Camilla Herrem for President!

Sola Handball is religion. Camilla is God. It’s as simple as that.

She even taught the national team to sing “Tore Tang”, ‘nuff said.

#8.     «Tananger Isn’t Sola!»

Yes, by definition. But to the Purists, Tananger is to be regarded as a remote colony. Fair enough. Life is too short to bicker over the minor matters.

#9.     You have bought candies at Video Eleven

You know, after school, to venture into Video Eleven to fill up with suspicious chemical compounds … To everyone’s grief, the beloved shop is now closed and it is maybe about time to introduce an annual remembrance ceremony. You could even rent the Blues Brothers for the n’th time since they only had one copy of any VHS movie on offer.

Sugar is consumed, memories live forever.

#10. You first made out at the “club”

High school, a half-slow dance from the loudspeakers, and suddenly, you received mouth-to-mouth on the dance floor at the cultural center. Should we speculate in the artist? Daddy DJ? King of my castle? That is lost from memory. But it sure was beautiful…


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