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Cancer Society warns against solarium use on Skin Cancer Day



With summer and sun just around the corner, the Cancer Society gave a reminder that over 2,200 Norwegians get skin cancer every year. Many of the cases are avoidable.

On Skin Cancer Day on May the 22nd, the Cancer Society warned Norwegians against the cancer risk caused by the summer season.

‘’We can all do something to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Most cases result from a lot of exposure to the sun. Having good solar habits is the most important thing, but the simplest thing you can do is not to use a solarium’’ said Secretary General, Anne Lise Ryel of the Cancer Society.

Norway is at the top of the league in the world in for contracting melanoma. According to the Cancer Society, the cancer is caused by excessive sunbathing, especially that which leads to sunburn. The use of a solarium also increases the danger.

The sooner you start using the solarium, the more the risk of skin cancer increases.

‘’There is no known lower limit for what is safe solarium use.

That means you can’t use a little solarium and think it’s safe.

Therefore, solariums should be completely avoided’ said Ryel.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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