Children of immigrants often choose partners with immigrant background

Marriage immigrantsMarriage.Photo: Fjeldstad, Knut / NTB scanpix

Three out of four Norwegian born with parents from Pakistan, Vietnam, Turkey, and Sri Lanka have a partner with an immigrant background according to Statistics Norway figures.


That is fewer than immigrants choosing partners from the same country according to Statistics Norway.

The survey included 1,049 Norwegians born between the ages of 16 and 39 years with parents from Turkey, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam who were interviewed.

It is more common for Norwegians born to parents from Turkey and Pakistan to have a partner with the same national immigrant background than those with parents from Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

In the survey, immigrant parents were also interviewed, and it seems more often that they have a partner with the same background than their children born and raised in Norway.

“If we compare Norwegians born to immigrant parents and immigrants with the same background, we see that it is less common for those born and raised in Norway to have a partner who has an immigrant background,” said Kristin Egge-Hoveid, Senior Adviser in Statistics Norway.


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