Coop warns against email scam

email spam coopSpam email pretending to be sent out by Coop Norway. The warning box is added by Coop Norway. Photo: Coop Norge

Coop Norway warns against email scam

Coop Norway tries to find out who is behind the email scam in their name. They warn people against clicking on emails which have a logo that is similar to that of the food chain.


In the email, the recipients are enticed by that they have been chosen to «receive exclusive rewards» by answering a 30-second market survey.

– Unfortunately, someone trying to exploit our good name and reputation by sending spam messages using our brand name and logo. If you receive this email, we ask you to delete it, says Communications Manager in Coop Norge, Lise Mette Kjellberg.

– Our IT security department has taken action to identify who is behind the messages, she adds.

This time it looks as if Coop Norway is the sender of the email, but this is a scam attempt, says Kjellberg.

– You see that it is not actually the official Coop Norway logo, but an imitation, among other things, she concludes.

email spam coop

Spam email pretending to be sent out by Coop Norway. Red warning message added by Coop. Photo: Coop Norge

Three tell-tale signs that indicate that the email you receive is spam

  • The sender’s e-mail address does not come from the company that they claim is the sender. Often the email comes from weird email addresses.
  • The email contains grammatical errors. Often, the spam message contains typos or strange words and phrases that may indicate that Google Translate is used.
  • Does the offer seem too good to be true, then more often than not, it is. Most of the spam messages we receive are for free gift cards or that you have won a competition that you have never participated in.


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