Day-care services for people with dementia will be statutory

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In 30 years, 200,000 of us may have a dementia diagnosis. The Government is now proposing that municipalities make an offer of day-to-day activities for those who are affected.

Between 80,000 and 100,000 people live with dementia in Norway today according to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Most affected are over 75 years old, and over 400,000 are dependents. Estimates show that the number of people with dementia will double by 2050.

To meet these challenges, the Government will legislate that all municipalities will have a daytime activity offer for people with dementia who are living at home wrote the Ministry of Health and Care Services.

‘’More and more people are suffering from dementia. Meaningful and good experiences in everyday life are important both for the person who has the disease and for their next of kin. A good

day-activity offer contributes to this and can increase the quality of life for people with dementia’’ said Åse Michaelsen, the Minister for the Elderly and Public Health.

As part of Dementia Plan 2015, in 2012 the Government established a grant scheme for daytime activities for people with dementia.

From 2020, the subsidy will be transferred to the framework subsidy for the municipalities, and the aim is for the statutory obligation to enter into force from 1 January 2020.

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