Gender equality in Norway

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Gender equality in Norway

Many of the stereotypes in Norway have lost their meaning and this feature is a good feature here. In this article I would like to introduce you to the very interesting feature of the people of Norway. Please follow this article.

Women in Norway are very much independent, for example it is not necessary for you to open a door for a lady or you do not need to carry a suitcase in order to help a woman or take the walkway on the side that car or the bike rides and there’s a safe side for a lady, or in some European culture, Serve the first drink for the lady. There’s not much else here about male / female standards. The Norwegian lady is not accustomed to hearing from others about their clothes and their appearance and makeup and, of course, they have equal rights. The kids in Norway are growing up thinking that there are equal men and women. There is no such thing as Mr. Police, Mr. Ranger, Mr. Chief or etc. Women perform the role of a bus driver, police officer, army officer, and etc. And the result of this thinking is having social equality. In the eyes of an outsider, perhaps a gentleman’s attitude may seem worthless or vice versa. All the roles of the mother and father such as the care of the child, the school’s kindergarten and etc. are perfectly equal, and the roles change.

Global Gender Gap (GGG) Indicator

Each year, the ranking of countries is based on differences between the sexes (men and women). This measure is based on economic participation, educational access and, in the field of health and political empowerment.

  • Economic Participation and Opportunity
  • Educational Attainment
  • Health and Survival
  • Political Empowerment

Norway ranked second in the ranking of 2018 countries for the second consecutive year based on gender equality (female/male). Recently, I have read so many books on Norwegian culture. In this article, I also tried to share the information I found myself. If you have any comments or ideas in this regard, I’d love to see your comments.


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