Klassekampen opens office in Bergen

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Klassekampen opens office in Western Norway

This week Klassekampen has opened a regional office in Bergen in order to follow happenings in Western Norway more closely. In lieu of this we bring Friday’s editorial.


Dear readers

I am writing this newsletter from Bergen, where we Thursday had a big inauguration party for Klassekampen’s Western Norway office. There was a good atmosphere and many warm greetings, including from the mayor of Bergen, Marte Mjøs Persen (Labour), who welcomed us to the city.

We are already in place with Gunnar Wiederstrøm as a journalist, and next year Anne Kari Hinna will be added to the team.

This week, Gunnar has written reports on the power-intensive industry in Odda, which fear the EU’s power directive.

He has also started a series of articles on the electric ferry revolution in Western Norway.

We promise to continue to cover the whole of Western Norway. Not just those parts that are now trying to coup the name “Vestlandet” (Western Norway).

When the counties were created in 1919, A lot of work went into finding suitable names with roots in history. I do not understand why that can not be the case this time as well.

Then the name of a merged Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane – which, by the way, I do not understand the reasoning behind – Should be either Bjørgvin or Bergenhus, which both encompass these areas, the first as today’s diocese, the latter as the former county name.

Western Norway consists of four counties, not two.

Bjørgulv Braanen
Responsible editor, Klassekampen

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