Organ donor boom after TV program

Digital donor cardDigital donor card.Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

25,000 new people created digital donor cards during the weekend – after Just organ donation was the theme of Nytt pa Nytt on NRK Friday.

  • To you out there who are in doubt whether you want to be a donor: It is not the case that we will come and take the organs while you are alive. Not yet. Then the queues have to become a little longer, Pernille Sørensen from Nytt p[ Nytt joked .

Program manager Bård Tufte Johansen showed in detail how to register donor cards in their personal journals.

150,000 registered
There are now 150,000 citizens who have created a digital donor card at Almost 25,000 of these were created during the weekend, the NTB’s Directorate for eHealth informs us. When regitering a donor cards, relatives will also be notified via the solution. Healthcare professionals can see the donor card in the patient’s core record.

  • We are happy for increased use of There are several useful services here that simplify everyday life. That can also help to save lives is very meaningful, says director Christine Bergland of the Directorate for eHealth.

Decline last year
Last year, 100 organ donations were performed, resulting in a total of 445 transplanted organs, according to Dagen. This is a decrease of 10 per cent from the previous year, says Organdonasjon.

Last year, doctors in Norway got 39 refusals from relatives regarding using organs from the deceased for transplant. In order to overcome the growing queue of people in organ queues, a consultant at the Hospital in Vestfold is intending to remove relatives’ veto rights, according to NRK.

  • Everyone who dies and can be used as organ donors, should be independent of what the relatives think, says the chief physician and section leader Stig Arne Kjellevold at the hospital in Vestfold.

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