Digital applications for sick leave

Sigrun VågengSigrun Vågeng.Photo:

Soon everyone can deliver sick leave applications digitally

From Monday, workers throughout the country can send sick-notes, and make sick leave applications to employers digitally.


So far, the application for sickness benefit has only been available in a digital version in some parts of the country. Now it is to be introduced in all counties.

‘This means that all employers now have to be ready to receive what comes to them digitally. The era of the paper sick leave application has ended,’ said Sigrun Vågeng, Labour and Welfare Director.

Every year, 3.5 million sick leave notes are distributed, divided among 1 million sick persons. The Nav Director stated that the time currently used to handle papers, and communicate by mail and phone, instead, is to be used on more important tasks.

‘The goal is that attention given to sickness absence can be as short as possible. In
further digitalisation, support can be given to the important follow-up at the workplace’, said Vågeng.


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