German meat mislabeled as Norwegian

Meat Freeze Ground beefGround beef. Photo: Norway Today Media

8,000 packages of First Price ground meat was labeled as Norwegian meat, but was actually German. The supplier says it is regrettable but, do not plan to withdraw the product.

According to the label, the product is from Norway, but slaughtered and cut in Germany.

It is not true, because the meat is German but slaughtered and cut in Norway, writes the newspaper Nationen.

– We take the matter very seriously. It is a very regrettable error in the labeling. This should not have happened, says Quality Manager Wibecke Ødegaard Johansen from Unil AS, which is a part of Norgesgruppen who are responsible for the First Price brand.

The incorrect labeling applies to ground meat packaged on February 3rd, but also for items that were packaged on February 13th and 15th. Currently the reason is not known, but the Mattilsynet (Food Safety Agency) has been informed of the matter.

Unil AS do not plan to withdraw the ground meat.

– We do not plan to do anything about it now, because it will cause food waste. It is wrong to throw out food that is edible, says Johansen.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today