New tax card could provide higher rates

Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix

The basis for calculating a new tax card has been changed. For some, it may mean higher rates, especially if you have earned extra well in October.


Previously, the tax card was based on the last tax settlement. To get a fresher basis, this has now changed so that the estimated salary for next year is based on what the employer has reported for either the period January to October 2018, or just October.

The highest income figure is used, the Taxpayer’s Association wrote in a press release.

“It is positive that the tax administration now wishes to add fresher figures to the tax card.

However, the method itself is quite unusual’’ said lawyer and advisor, Per-Ole Hegdahl of the association.

‘’If your October salary is higher than normal, due to bonuses, fees, bi income or other taxable benefits, then the basis for the calculation of income that is determded for next year will also be high.’’

The association therefore recommends that people pay extra attention to checking the tax card for 2019, especially if you have a percentage.


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