Northern Norway loses ground in the ‘municipality of the year’ NM

NHOOslo.NHO.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

For the seventh consecutive year, NHO ranked the country’s municipalities from top to bottom. Sola and Oslo topped the list and Kvæfjord in Troms was in last place.


Bærum was in third place and Austevoll in fourth.The overview was prepared by Menon Economics on behalf of NHO.

Among the 20 municipalities that are doing best, everyone except Trondheim (5th place) and Tromsø (14th place) were south of Trøndelag.

The municipality NM measures all the 422 municipalities in areas such as competence,labour markets, business and municipality economics, and shows which municipalities can be perceived as the most attractive to the business community.

Regional Director Målfrid Baik of the NHO Arctic said the inhabitants of Kvæfjord have every reason to be proud of their municipality.

“But what is measured in this survey is how the municipality facilitates growth and jobs. Kvæfjord is on the bottom.They have too few residents and can earn a lot of money with Harstad,” said Baik to NRK.

Tromsø,Bodø and Alta are the only municipalities in northern Norway that reached the top 50. Of northern Norway’s 87 municipalities,72 are in the lower part of the list.

Central Eastern Norway and the municipalities along the coast did the best in NHO’s ranking.There were nine municipalities in Eastern Norway and eight municipalities in Western Norway in the top 20 list.


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