Seasonal workers high priority for Norwegian strawberry producers

strawberryNorwegian strawberry.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Norwegian strawberry producers report a record strawberry season, and many struggle to get seasonal workers who can come earlier to pick the berries.


“There are many drawbacks with an early season. When it gets so hot, they can go beyond the size of the normal berries. But the biggest problem is to get seasonal workers so early in the season,’’ said strawberry producer, Per Isingrud to Nationen newspaper.

Last year, 387 seasonal workers worked at Isingrud, Norway’s largest strawberry production operation during the season.

“The problem for many people, especially for seasonal workers from Europe, is that they have permanent jobs and have no holiday before July. But it is easier to get Europeans here than seasonal workers from the east,’’ said Isingrud. He told the newspaper that he has contacted a number of seasonal workers, asking them to book their plane tickets and spend more time here than usual.

Strawberry producer, Simen Myhrene of Sylling in Lier in Buskerud, said he has managed to bring in some seasonal workers from Vietnam, but that he also lacks workers. He has considered trying to attract Norwegians to do the job, but acknowledges that they are more demanding.

“Norwegians would like to have a summer holiday and it’s right in the middle of the season,” said Myhrene.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today