Tvedt prepared for “noise” after receipt transparency

Tom Tvedt NIFTom Tvedt. Photo: NIF

Tvedt prepared for “noise” after receipt transparency

The Norwegian Confederation of Sports (NIF) Tuesday opens its accounts from 2015 down to the bilayer level. President Tom Tvedt expects criticism.


– There is nothing to suggest that there will be no noise, Tvedt tells NRK.

In May, a NIF leadership meeting finally decided to submit to the pressure to publish more details. There was a popular demand to access receipts from the period before 2015. This demand is still ignored. NIF will however publish all receipts since Tom Tvedt took over the leadership of the organization.

These the confederation have finally decided to present after advice from the leadership committee.

– I am conscious that we stand for what we have done. There are certainly things we could have done differently, that will always be the case. I, however, think that we learn from the past, Tvedt says.

Files available as of Tuesday

NIF has been criticized from several quarters for the lack of transparency. Pressure about transparency has previously led to NIF disclosing their accounts. Additionally, they published a detailed breakdown of costs connected to both the Olympic and Paralympic games held in Sochi.

– What Sochi entailed qua cost has been publicized for a long time. This has been reported by NIF, and these statements are available on our website. What we are going to do now is to make public all the way down to the receipt level, says Niels Røine. Røine is Communications Manager at NIF.

NIF opens up for access to receipts and attachments as of Tuesday.

Fact sheet

Norway’s Sports Federation, Olympic and Paralympic Committee (abbreviated NIF or simplified to the Athletes Association) is the governing body of Norwegian sports. NIF’s vision is to be the foremost contributor to achieving sports for everybody.

NIF has offices at the Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo and employs approximately 220 people

In order to assist the 54 associations in the work to include disabled athletes, NIF has established its own unit; Sports for the disabled. This unit has a total of 12 employees.

Today, NIF is Norway’s second largest voluntary organization (after the Norwegian Church)  with over 2 million members and approx. 12,000 sports teams in 19 sports units and 54 associations. The sports tribunal (Idrettstinget) is NIF’s highest governing body and is held every four years. President as of 2015 is Tom Tvedt.  Secretary General from 2004 is Inge Andersen.


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