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More wolves shot

Extended the Wolf Hunt wolvesWolves, Photo:


More wolves taken out

A total of 18 wolves were reported shot or killed in the hunting year 2016/17. This is the highest number since the hunting season of 2000/2001.


In the hunting season of 2016/17, a total of 20 hunting licences for wolves were issued, and 8 were shot under licence.

Seven of these were shot in Hedmark. In addition, 6 wolves were shot because of being a nuisance, 1 was shot in self-defense, and 3 were killed for various other reasons.

111 wolverines shot or killed

A total of 111 wolverines were shot during the hunting season of 2016/17. This represents a decrease of 12 animals from the previous hunting season. Fifty-eight wolverines, or roughly 50 per cent, were shot under licence, of which 29 were shot in the three northern counties of Norway.


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