1 500 Storskog-cases processed

Russian border on StorskogStorskog .Russian border on Storskog.Photo: Torstein Bøe / NTB scanpix

Of the approximately 5,500 people who arrived at Storskog last year, just over 1,500 had their cases processed. Only 65had their asylum application granted.

As of February 14 263 have had the  merits of their applications considered and have had their applications  rejected, while 65 have had their applications  granted. 945 persons so far have had their case applications rejected on the grounds that they arrived from a safe third country (Russia) and two because they arrived from a Dublin country. 279 cases have been dismissed for various reasons. This amounts to decisions being made for a total of 1554 cases.

As of February 17  3,851 cases were being processed. In total,  5445 people arrived at Storskog in 2015. The difference of 40 people is because the second reports was generated three days after the first one.

There is still uncertainty about these figures and they may change when more cases are processed by the UDI.


Source: UDI / Norway Today