Over 100 children identified in the world’s largest abuse forum

violence child abuse stepdaughtersChild abuse. Photo: pixabay.com

Australian police have identified 100 perpetrators, and over 100 children who have been subjected to sexual abuse through the world’s largest child porn abuse forum.


Police from the state of Queensland and the ‘Task Force Argos’police group are behind the investigation of the forum, wrote VG newspaper. Australian police recently published information about how many children and perpetrators have been identified,according to the Australian newspapers.

“We have over 100 children who were identified as victims of abuse,”said the Special Group Operations Manager, Paul Griffith, to the newspaper.

He further stated that 100 perpetrators have been identified.

Last year, VG revealed that for eleven months, Task Force Argos ran the forum and even shared assault images as part of the investigation. The Norwegian newspaper then wrote that at least 30 Norwegians were part of the network and, among other things, wrote that in 2016, one of the men shockingly planned to commit the abuse against a child in his own family.

VG discovered the police operation in January last year. The online forum was then stored on a server in Sydney. It was closed on September the 13th last year.

According to ‘The Australian’ newspaper, one of the identified abusers has committed offences against at least ten children. Among the perpetrators there are lawyers, military staff, IT consultants and employees in health care.


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