Over 100 US families and individuals have been in contact

SmilesSmiles.Photo: emigrateme.com

The website emigrateme.com has become more than a PR stunt for Ringerike, writes NRK Buskerud.

When Donald Trump was victorious in the US presidential election, Ringerike Development in collaboration with Catch Media created the website emigrateme.com. With a healthy dose of humour, but also a bit of seriousness, Americans are invited to seek new opportunities in the Ringerike region.

It turns out that some Americans actually want a new start in Norway. Lately, over 100 families and individuals have been in contact via the website, writes NRK news.

Serious inquiries

– They are very curious about how we can help them to move to Norway. They really want to participate and they are very sceptical about the developments of where they live, says Kathrine Briseid in Ringerike municipality to NRK.

She says that the most recent call was a couple of days ago, and that the municipality is taking a serious look at the 100 requests.

– These are mainly highly educated people. Many of them have a relationship to Norway.

Shared 10,000 times in USA

The website has now been shared over 10,000 times on Facebook in the United States. Ringerike Development is now doing their best to obtain the proper contacts for the potential emigrants.

– We see the effect. After the presidential inauguration, visits from American IP addresses has quadrupled on the website. So there is still an interest in Ringerike and for the opportunities here, says Pelle Gangeskar from Ringerike Development.

– We have referred a good amount of those who have approached us with companies in the region, and we hope that something will emerge so that we can have a second chapter to this adventure, says Gangeskar.


Source: ringblad.no / Norway Today