101 received permission stay in Norway after assistance from NOAS last year

Asylum SeekersAsylum Seekers, Photo: Pixabay

During the past year, the Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers (NOAS) persuaded the authorities to turn around 101 cases, so that 55 adults, and 46 children were allowed to stay anyway.


That is 50% of the 203 asylum cases that the organisation received from the
Immigration Commission (UNE), showed an account that NOAS has made, and which was reported in Dagbladet.

‘This shows insufficient treatment of cases, or errors from the management, and emphasises the importance of having access to independent legal assistance as well. 100 people would not otherwise have received the stay they were entitled to’, said Secretary General, Ann-Margit Austenå of NOAS.

UNE stated that they received 1,582 requests for reversal of decisions made last year, a total of 17% of cases.


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