11,000 family immigrants arrived in Norway last year

Children of immigrantsChildren Photo. pixabay.com

There were 10,940 family immigrants from 142 countries arriving in Norway last year. That is 3,500 fewer than in 2017.

By comparison, there were 14,432 family immigrants in Norway in 2017, which is 32%.

The top of the list in 2018 were 975 Indians, followed by 923 Filipinos and 902 Syrians. Then follows Thailand (874), Eritrea (870), and Somalia (471).

If one splits the list according to the background of the person who is in Norway, a third (3,930) of the family immigrants came to a Norwegian or Nordic person.

The next categories are family immigration to a foreign worker with a stay in Norway (2,484), to a refugee (1,713) or to a foreigner who has been granted permanent residence (1,547).

About half of the family immigrants were spouses (5,606) and one-third (3,523) were children. 65% of those who came to Norway were girls or women. Adult males accounted for only 12% of family immigrants, according to figures the Immigration Directorate presented on Thursday.

On the list of nationalities that came to a Norwegian or Nordic
person, Thailand, the Philippines and the United States are at the top. Similarly, for those who came to a foreign employee in Norway, India, the USA and Serbia topped the list.

Those who were granted reunification with a refugee came primarily from Syria, Eritrea and Somalia, while reunification with a foreigner who has been permanently resident was topped by Eritrea, Somalia and the Philippines.

84% of all who applied for it received a ‘yes’. Citizens from the Nordic countries or the EEA area are not included in these figures.

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