14 right-wing Swedes arrested at the border

right-wing Neo-Nazi organization The Nordic Resistance Movement NaziThe Neo-Nazi organization The Nordic Resistance Movement. Photo: Jessica Gow / TT / NTB scanpix

14 right-wing Swedes arrested at the Swedish border in Østfold

The police in Østfold have arrested 14 people who are suspected to be right-wing extremists thought to want to participate in demonstrations in Østfold on Saturday.


The first arrests took place at 22.30 on Friday night when four young Swedish men were stopped at the border at Ørje, writes Dagbladet. Not long after, two Swedish men were arrested at Svinesund, Operational Manager in the eastern police district, Jon Erik Nygård, told NTB night before Saturday.

But there were to be more arrests throughout the night.

– We have arrested 14 men on the Swedish border during the evening and night in connection with possible demonstrations. They are being questioned during the day, Operations Manager in the Eastern Police District, Lars Stenerød, announced Saturday morning.

All are right-wing extremists

He tells NRK that all men are deemed to be right-wing extremists.

– There are well-known members of the Nordic resistance movement (DNM) from Sweden. There has been no seizure of weapons, but we have made other seizures of things that can be used in connection with a demonstration, says Stenerød.

Police Attorney Morten Lundén announced night to Saturday that the men were arrested with basis in section §106 of the Immigration Act.

– It is being considered to expel them from the realm because they may pose a threat to safety.


The police in Oslo have a heightened state of alert this weekend because they expect extreme right markings on St Olaf’s Day, Saturday 29th July, which is a symbolic date for Norwegian nationalists.

The Neo Nazi group DNM originally planned a marking in Fredrikstad on July 29, but announced in early June that the police have put the foot down. Several other groups have applied for permissions for demonstrations.

According to TV 2, there may be no demonstrations in Østfold. The police are nevertheless prepared for what might happen.

– The involved parties are basically non-violent; it is only when they see each other that there is a risk of violence. That is what we have planned for, says acting chief of staff of Eastern Police District, Jan Erik Haugland.

– Regardless of who we are dealing with, we have good experience with dialogue. The dialogue is usually respected. Ultimately, it may be that the police must put power behind their demands, says Haugland.

Exstremists moved demonstration from Østfold to Kristiansand

Due to the increased safety in Østfold, the right-wing group the Nordic resistance movement (DNM) chose to demonstrate in Kristiansand instead.

Between 50 and 60 Neo-Nazis met in the center of Kristiansand in the middle of the day Saturday with their green and white flags, amidst children and adults.

According to NRK, the group consisted of both Norwegian and Swedish neo-Nazis who marched down the Markens gate. Some passersby chose to turn their backs to the march, which according to the channel went quietly through the street.

Police were man strongly present, and according to TV2 and NRK several right-wing people are arrested in the southern town.

Originally, the neo-Nazis hoped to carry out the demonstration in Fredrikstad, but due to the increased police preparedness in Østfold, they ended up in Kristiansand instead.


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  1. The Kristiansand police forcibly removed a peaceful citizen standing in the way of the illegal demonstration. https://www.fvn.no/nyheter/lokalt/i/aVQP7/Flyttet-seg-ikke-for-marsjerende-nazister–ble-pasatt-handjern-og-bortvist-fra-byen

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