14-year-old dies on school trip

Ambulance, Motorcyclist, 18-years-old RussAmbulance.Photo: Norway Today Media

14-year-old was hit by lorry and dies on a cycling trip with his class

Grieving classmates gathered for memorial ceremony Friday night – at the place where a 14-year-old boy died after being run over while participating on a bike trip with class mates in Drammen.


The 14-year-old was from Lier and went according to Drammens Tidende a ninth grader at Høvik School. He was on a bike trip together with his class when he was hit by a truck as they were crossing Holmenbrua in Drammen. The accident happened on Friday morning. The order of events is still unclear according to the police.

17 fellow students and teachers were eye witnesses to the event and are in shock and grief. On Friday evening, classmates and fellow pupils gathered at the scene of the accident to commemorate 14-year-old and share their grief. The police closed the bridge leading out to the islet during the commemoration.

Deeply tragic

It will be provided for the lighting candles and leave flowers on Holmennokken for those who wish to do so, the school writes on Facebook.

Both relatives and witnesses are being taken care of by the crisis team. The school is open Friday afternoon and evening. It will also be open both on Saturday and Sunday from noon until 4 pm so that anyone who wants to can be gathered there. There will be a health team in place when the school is open.

– This is First and foremost a deeply tragic event. My compassion goes to all relatives and involved, says Mayor in Lier Municipality, Gunn Cecilie Ringdal, to NTB.

Very affected

– Everyone is very affected by the tragic accident. For us it is important that we plan on how to assist in the coming days, says municipal manager, Synnøve Tovsrud, to Drammen Tidende.

The municipality is now concentrating on taking care of those involved and taking care of follow-up.

Hit by truck

The police confirm that the student was hit by a truck. The driver was routinely taken to the emergency room for an extended blood test.

According to local police chief, Øyvind Aas, the truck driver is taken care of by his employer.

– You can only try to imagine how he is faring now. An absolutely terrible event to be a part of, says the police chief to Drammen Tidende.

The police are working to clarify the order of events.


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