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1,400 operations canceled during doctor’s strike

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According to the State Board of Health,  the hospital strike has led to a total of 10,241 postponed patient consultations, 1463 postponed operations and 496 deadlines being broken.

The doctors were back at work late  on Wednesday night , but the doctors have a great deal of leeway to catch up after the strike, which started on 7 September. 628 employees at 15 hospitals have been on strike.

Union representatives in the Academics Health in several parts of the country are disappointed after Minister of Labour Anniken Hauglie  concluded  the longest hospital strike in Norwegian history on Tuesday.

– The strike has led to very many and much postponed consultations, treatments and research, she said on Tuesday.

– Compulsory arbitration will solve nothing. This will result in the fight being moved into hospitals, and we will get massive unrest and a crisis of confidence in the hospital the next few years, says Geir Arne Sunde, who is  a union representative in the Medical Association in Bergen Health, says to NRK news.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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