150,000 people in Norway have experienced food shortages


About 150,000 people in Norway did not get enough food in the last year, a new study shows there is a lack of food. Most of them in the age group of 18-29 years.


“There are a lot of younger people without fixed incomes who are most vulnerable to not being able to afford buying food,” says researcher Silje Elisabeth Skuland to Our Country.

Skuland is behind a study on food shortages conducted by the Swedish Institute of Agricultural Research Institute (SIFO) at Oslo University College and Akershus (HiOA). The study shows that about 3 percent of the population indicates that they often or sometimes lack food. Those most vulnerable are job seekers, home workers, part-time employees and students.

According to the study, low income is often, but not necessarily the cause of food shortage, as many Norwegians have great values. Skuland draws several surprising findings in the study:

– Older people on social security are not exposed to severe food shortages.. They seem to have learned to use their benefits, but they may not have a healthy diet. Another statistic that surprised us is that the number of Norwegians who who report severe food shortages are stable.


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