158 SAS passengers will have to go through quarantine after their flight from France did not meet the quarantine deadline

SAS plane landing hydraulicA SAS flight at a normal landing.

A SAS flight from Nice, France was not able to land on Norwegian soil before midnight Friday evening. As a result, the 158 passengers will have to go through a ten day quarantine.

For a while, it was unclear if the passengers would have to go through quarantine. Press officer Elisabeth Johansen, of the Ministry of Health and Care services, told NRK that the passengers have to be quarantined, and that the quarantine requirement applied from midnight.

France became “red” before midnight, therefore all travellers from France must be quarantined from that point.

According to Dagbladet, the passengers aboard the plane clapped when informed that the plane landed at 00:00, which is also the time that Avinor operates. According to Flightradar 24, the plane landed at 00:01.

Press officer, Tonje Sund, of SAS informs that the official landing time of the plane  is 00:00, but refers to the health authorities regarding what it means in regards to quarantine and other regulations. 

From midnight

The press contacts at the National Institute of Public health and the Norwegian Directorate of health could not provide a clear answer to Dagbladet as to whether the landing time meant that the passengers must be quarantined. 

The Norwegian Directorate of Health sent out a text message earlier this week which reads as follows:

“To you who are travelling: There is a growing number of infections in the country you are in. This could lead to a 10-day quarantine for you and your travel companions from 00:00, Friday evening this week.”

Many new “red” countries

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against trips to France, Monaco, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. All travelers from these four countries that are to arrive in Norway from the 8th of August will be placed on a 10-day quarantine. 

Four new regions in Sweden are open, but travelers from Skåne and Kronoberg will have to be placed in quarantine again. These two regions went from green to red.

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  1. Traveling abroad at this time is not necessary, Corona crises is not disappearing soon.

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