16 reindeer killed in collision on E6

Wild Reindeer herds chronic wasting disease CWDReindeer. Photo: pixabay.com

Altogether 16 reindeer were killed or had to be euthanized after a passenger vehicle ran into a herd of reindeer on the E6 in Finnmark.

The incident occurred shortly before at 11pm Tuesday night. The Reindeer owner was notified and was quickly on site to handle the situation.

– We were told by the driver of the car that he had run into a herd of reindeer, and that he had no idea of how many animals were injured or killed, said operations manager Asgeir Aule of Finnmark Police to news agency  NTB.

After, a review showed that 16 reindeer were killed in the crash or had to be euthanized after suffering major damage. This figure may be higher, for any injured animals who could have escaped.

– It is very rare that we have an incident where so many deer are injured and killed in a collision with a regular passenger car, said Aule.

The driver of the car was unhurt after the incident, but there is major damage to the car. The Collision occurred at Stokke valley, between Alta and Hammerfest.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today